William T. Coyle

Washington, DC area photographer

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About William Coyle

William T. Coyle grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland. He attended Williams College. After college, he entered the Peace Corps and volunteered on San Juan de la Costa, Columbia, South America. He started taking pictures there, focusing on images of the land and people. After the Peace Corps, William worked in West Virginia before attending graduate school in Knoxville, Tennessee. Since 1976, he has been working with USDA. During that time, he’s traveled to many countries in Asia, including working in Japan for several months, and bicycling in China.

While in South America, he traveled through Ecuador and Peru, taking pictures of areas like Machu Pichu in Peru. Ever since he started working, he’s taken lots of pictures of just about every place he’s traveled for work. He also has a vast collection of photos from family vacations to places like Yellowstone Park, Maine, Cape May, New Jersey, the Southwest, Florida Keys, Ireland, Spain, England, and Scotland.

William not only travels occasionally for work and vacation, but he’s gone on motorcycle trips with his brother: cross-country to California, the Canadian Rockies, the Florida Keys, Quebec, and Coastal Maine. He also went on a trip where he retraced his mother, Helen Richardson Coyle’s trip to Chile and Argentina. His photographs document his trips and the experiences he has while visiting different cities. William likes to capture the essence of the places he goes with images of the colorful characters he sees on the streets and the beauty of the natural world. He also likes to capture the beauty of the overlooked or unexpected subjects from familiar places.

Books & Family History

William Coyle has compiled books of photography over the years. Some of the photography books include photos tied to his family history. You can learn more about his family history by reading about Helen Richardson Coyle and Walter Richardson.

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Vendors on the Mall

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Dandelion past peak

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Protest in front of Capitol

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Get in touch

William Coyle passed away on January 2nd, 2020 from GBM. If you have any questions about his photography, you can contact his daughter Megan Coyle.